Touch Typing Test

Touch Typing Test System
Accurately and precisely evaluate your typing speed and accuracy.
Type for 5 minutes or click 'End Typing Test' when you are done! Change time to different time interval from the time drop down menu. Choose 'Free Roam' to type indefinitely.
Choose 'Training Mode' to underline the words you have typed so far. 'Indicate Errors' marks incorrectly typed words.
Choose 'Realtime Stats' to update stats as you type. Choosing 'Speed Only' option updates gross speed of your typing only.
Your feedback is important for us to improve this app.
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Click on the button below to start the typing test. What you will be expected to type will appear here.


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Thank you very much for giving the application a try. If have you any suggestions or discovered a bug or three, let me know through feedback.